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Apeks Set-XTX20 Regulator with Apeks XTX20 Octi (New Version)

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Apeks XTX20 XTX20 Regulator Set, Stage 3


The XTX20 regulator is designed specifically use in warm water (10 degrees C and above) an is therefore more compact and lightweight, excellent for the travelling diver. Although designed for warm water use as a member XTX family the XTX20 regulator is still full of features. The XTX20 second stage can be configured so that the hose either comes from the left or right hand side of the regulator and the reversible venturi system can also be reversed to match the hose routing. The XTX20 second stage also has diver changeable exhaust tee's allowing the diver to change between a more compact regulator or have better dispersion of bubbles on exhalation.

The XTX20 first stage has medium pressure ports located on a swivelling turret allow more freedom of movement and better hose routing.

The XTX20 octopus has exactly the same features as the XTX20 second stage but is coloured yellow for high visibility.


XTX20 First Stage

  • 4 3/8" UNF medium pressure ports located on a swiveling turret for ease of hose routing
  • 2 7/16" UNF high pressure ports
  • Finished in highly polished silver chrome
  • Balanced for excellent, dependable performance
  • Ergonomic handwheels for comfort and ease of use

XTX20 Second Stage

  • Second stage is pneumatically balance
  • Reversible venturi system
  • Designed for exclusive use in warm water
  • Two shot moulded front cover for durability
  • Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) System allows a diver to choose between a larger exhaust for more effective dispersion of bubbles whilst the smaller exhaust tee is more compact. One tee is supplied with this regulator
  • Swivel hose connection available as an optional extra

XTX20 Second Stage

  • Exactly the same features as the XTX20 second stage above
  • High visibility yellow front plate and yellow accent pieces.
  • Supplied with 36" yellow hose

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